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Our History


Winter Construction and Johnson Construction Services have worked together professionally for nearly three decades. Our business and professional relationship extends back to the Grady Memorial Hospital Renovation and Expansion Program where Artis Johnson, serving as Deputy Program Manager, was responsible for overseeing the construction activities of Winter Construction on several of the program elements.

The relationship has continued to flourish. On August 1, 2010, Winter Construction, led by Brent Reid, and Johnson Construction Services, led by Artis Johnson, formed a joint venture to formalize their partnership, each bringing valuable experience to the projects they undertake together.

Our Commitment to Minority and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises

Winter Construction and Johnson Construction Services have a solid track record of meeting and exceeding our clients’ Minority-Owned and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (MBE/DBE) participation goals. We are committed to fostering and developing minority, female, and small business enterprises, enacted through our comprehensive program outreaching, supporting and mentoring both the individuals themselves and their businesses.

Proven Relationship 


Winter Johnson Group has history. We’re not just a check mark, paperwork and posturing. Winter Johnson Group has pursued and completed our 22nd project at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and recently completed both the new Scaly Slimy Spectacular! Zoo Atlanta Amphibian & Reptile Experience and the the Metropolitan Library branch of the Atlanta-Fulton County Public Library System

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