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The construction process is a complex problem, with many moving parts and daily challenges. All owners are concerned about the investment of time and money their projects will require. With careful planning during preconstruction, however, these costs can be effectively controlled. Winter provides comprehensive preconstruction services. Our team provides early and ongoing planning which establishes a baseline for all phases of design and construction. Our services ensure that appropriate controls are in place long before construction begins. Winter’s preconstruction team approaches every project with four key objectives:

  • Identify and understand specific Project Challenges
  • Provide Creative Solutions to meet our client needs
  • Provide timely feedback that allows Informed Decision Making
  • Maintain quality at a Competitive Price

Winter offers a variety of services during the preconstruction process. Our team is prepared to assist during all phases of design development…from concept to completion. Winter Construction’s preconstruction services include:

  • Preconstruction scheduling and team development
  • Project planning and coordination
  • Detailed construction budgeting
  • Phasing and site logistics expertise
  • Systems life cycle analysis
  • Value engineering
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Design and constructibility review

Subcontractors & Vendors

Winter values its subcontractor and vendor relationships. Our efforts to foster these relationships will continue to contribute to our success. To that end, Winter is focused on strategies to improve communication with our trade partners.

  • WINTER IS FOCUSED ON CREATING REAL OPPORTUNITIES: In recent years, many projects have failed to move off the drawing table. Lack of financing, ineffective design, and changes in the market have produced significant challenges for Atlanta’s subcontractor market. To combat this, Winter is applying additional due diligence to ensure every opportunity we pursue has the potential of leading to real work.
  • WINTER IS FOCUSED ON SUPPORTING SUBCONTRACTORS: Winter uses an in-house prequalification and bid solicitation system. This allows us to adapt and be responsive to the needs of our subcontractors. Our goal is to simplify the process and allow us to better match project opportunities to appropriate subcontractors.
  • WINTER IS FOCUSED ON ENSURING PERSONAL CONTACT: Through our involvement with Associated Builders and Contractors of Georgia (ABC), the Construction Education Foundation of Georgia (CEFGA), the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWiC), the National Association of Minority Contactors (NAMC), and other industry affiliations, we are committed to continued contact with our subcontractors. In addition, Winter’s annual Open House, monthly subcontractor Round-Tables, and frequent vendor Lunch-and-Learns allow our partners to have a face and a voice within our organization.

Winter encourages ongoing communication with our subcontractors and vendors. We welcome contact with any person on our team. To find out more about working with Winter Construction or to begin the prequalification process, follow this pre-qualification link or visit The Plan Room.

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