Winter Construction Begins Renovation of Historic Residence Hall at Spelman College

Click here to download a PDF of this release (June 8, 2017) ATLANTA, GA-Winter SPACES, a division of Winter Construction, has begun work to renovate the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Hall on the Spelman College campus. Completion of the 31,472 square-foot renovation of the 125-bed residence hall is expected in August, in [...]

No Construction Left Behind: Fast-Track Summer Renovation

K-12 school renovations must be done quickly and quietly in order to avoid disruptions to the school environment and activities. Summer break is the longest unoccupied stretch and the obvious choice for major renovations. However, with changing school calendars, often the length of summer break is shrinking putting pressure on contractors [...]

Bold Design vs. Field Constructability: Closing the Gap

Case Study: Nashville Hotel Renovation A boldly designed space helps to differentiate a brand from its competition, but some of these designs can unknowingly create installation issues, because gaps may exist in drawing specifications or perhaps the feature hasn’t been thoroughly planned. When that bold design reaches the construction stage, innumerable [...]

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Keeping Construction Workers Safe in Cold Conditions

  Although winters in the Southeast are typically mild, construction sites need to be prepared for the safety challenges associated with extremely cold temperatures. According to OSHA, obvious risk factors for employees suffering from cold stress, which occurs when the body loses heat and is unable to warm itself, include not [...]

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Three-Customer Rule In Food Court Renovation

More and more, mall operators are looking to their food courts as a means to improve the shopper experience and grow sales by increasing the average time a shopper spends at their property. Food courts are being transformed from halls with fluorescent lighting, linoleum floors and utilitarian furniture to spaces with [...]

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Courtroom Mock-Ups Prove Judicious

When building a courtroom, clear sight lines, infallible security, and impeccable functionality don’t just happen: they’re planned starting from the smallest detail. Digital models and two-dimensional architectural drawings can’t prepare an owner and construction team for flawless project execution in the same way that a life-sized mockup can. And when it [...]

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Up to the Challenge: Renovating an Atrium 200 Feet Above the Ground

An atrium is simply a large open space in a building. But that’s where “simple” ends. In the 1970s, architect John Portman reinvented – and popularized – the atrium, fusing glass, steel, and concrete into spectacles that soar more than 20 stories above the floor. As they age, though, these common [...]

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