A good general contractor approaches all hospitality projects as partnerships. One of the more challenging responsibilities when working on hotel projects is managing brand standards. This involves honoring the brand, building the brand, and understanding the importance of the brand through all stages of building – from preconstruction to turning over the keys. Winter has partnered with clients on Starwood, Marriott, and Hilton brands, to name a few, and has consistently delivered high-quality results while maintaining the brand standards of these partners.

Brand standards exist to outline all components of the brand’s identity, across a wide range of applications. As they pertain to the hospitality industry, they outline how certain amenities, features or elements must be consistent. In hotels, specifically, these components generally all have standards which must be adhered to:

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  • Room size and layout
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Types of tile
  • Minibar instalment
  • Closet or wardrobe
  • Lobby size and layout
  • Bar and restaurant
  • Special event rooms
  • Indoor/outdoor pool
  • On-site laundry/kitchen
  • Water features
  • Glass canopies
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Entranceways

What Are The Best Ways To Manage Brand Standards?

  • Get Involved Early

Early partnerships allow a commercial construction company the opportunity to identify potential cost-saving opportunities for their clients.

Early involvement can be of benefit in the following ways:

      • Pairing job partners with proven subcontractors
      • Procuring certain materials (both locally and internationally)
      • Offering opinions on constructability
      • Decreasing project turnaround time
      • Recommending cost-saving operational ideas
  • Understand Your Job Partners

Hospitality clients are generally sophisticated and knowledgeable about construction projects and processes. They know what they’re doing and what they want to achieve. And they all want the same thing – quality, craftsmanship and consistency. The paramount priority is that the project is completed right and that it honors the vision of the brand. Winter remains creative while still coloring within the lines.

At Winter, we know our strengths and take pride in our proven abilities. Our clients know our strengths and abilities too. This is why Winter has become a preferred partner for hospitality clients such as the Intercontinental Hotel Group, Hyatt and Hilton.