This addition to Decatur High School included a 100,000 square-foot phased addition/expansion project that required both the design and construction of a total of eight buildings.

The initial phase included six new buildings at the new stadium, in addition to a synthetic turf field and detention system. The second phase incorporated the build back of a new gymnasium and a new arts building, which included a theater, gymnasium, locker rooms, classrooms, and associated athletics department staff offices.

Phase 1 of the development involved the demolition of the existing football stadium and gymnasium building, as well as the construction of the new synthetic turf field and stadium complex with an overall seating capacity of 3,500. This phase was completed on a fast track schedule in order to open for use by the school for the fall of 2008. All demolition and construction of the new field, including all restroom, concession, and ticket booth buildings, were completed in six months.