The Winter Johnson Group (WJG) is a joint venture between Winter Construction and Johnson Construction Services. Formed in 2010, the joint venture is built on a relationship that goes back 30 years.


The Winter Construction and Johnson Construction Services professional relationship extends back to the Grady Memorial Hospital Renovation and Expansion Program on which Artis Johnson, serving as Deputy Program Manager, was responsible for overseeing the construction activities of Winter Construction on several of the program elements. Winter Construction and Johnson Construction Services formed a joint venture, Winter Johnson Group, to pursue work together, each bringing valuable experience to the partnership. We are fully committed to fostering and developing minority, female, and small business enterprises as a key benchmark of our business operations.


We value local, female, and minority-business participation as a core component of our business model – so much so that it is part of our daily operations at every level.

Winter Johnson Group encourages subcontractors, including minority and female-owned businesses, to submit quotes on all projects to offer the most competitive bid price available in the market as well as to provide opportunities to minority and female-owned contractors. WJG has implemented a system that not only enables the company to track actual minority and female-owned participation, but also to monitor and report its minority and female-owned solicitation to consistently gauge its minority and female-owned outreach efforts. Additionally, large non-minority subcontractors are encouraged to work with minority contractors that complement their scope of work. Subcontracts are written based on all project criteria including scope, bonding, insurance capabilities, minority participation, and price.

Working with Artis, as co-managing members of the Winter Johnson Group, has been both extremely gratifying and productive. Bringing together the resources and expertise of Winter Construction and Johnson Construction Services has opened up opportunities that neither of us would have as individual entities. Joining forces has expanded our collective capabilities, services, and relationships with clients, subcontractors, and the larger community.

Brent Reid, Winter Johnson Group