The Hyatt Skylight and Ceiling Replacement project is an upgrade to the original installation of two skylights, an atrium ceiling, and a pedestrian bridge between two guests towers.  The Hyatt Regency Atlanta, once the tallest building in the Atlanta skyline, is partly known for Polaris, a blue dome at the top of the hotel that housed a rotating restaurant.


The original acrylic and tube steel structure is being demolished and being replaced with a modern glazed skylight system, but will maintain the shape and color of the original.  The atrium skylight, a smaller skylight visible from the hotel lobby, is an acrylic panel skylight also being replaced by a new glazed skylight system.


The entire atrium ceiling is a 2’x2’ ceiling grid and translucent acrylic tile system that is being replaced with material to match the current material.  The skybridge between the International and Atrium towers is being upgraded with a new sloped roof and acrylic panels.