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Tom Nichols is the President of Winter Construction and oversees the entire commercial construction group. In this capacity, he is always looking for innovative approaches to better serve Winter Construction’s clients.

Bold Design vs. Field Constructability: Closing the Gap

Case Study: Nashville Hotel Renovation A boldly designed space helps to differentiate a brand from its competition, but some of these designs can unknowingly create installation issues, because gaps may exist in drawing specifications or perhaps the feature hasn’t been thoroughly planned. When that bold design reaches the construction stage, innumerable [...]

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Up to the Challenge: Renovating an Atrium 200 Feet Above the Ground

An atrium is simply a large open space in a building. But that’s where “simple” ends. In the 1970s, architect John Portman reinvented – and popularized – the atrium, fusing glass, steel, and concrete into spectacles that soar more than 20 stories above the floor. As they age, though, these common [...]

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Retail Renovations: How to Keep Customers Safe and Happy

There are few challenges bigger than renovating a retail property while it stays open for business. Ensuring that these projects roll out as smoothly as possible requires impeccable planning and frequent communication among all the stakeholders – owners, tenants, employees, contractors and customers. To keep the negative impact to a minimum, [...]

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The Risks & Rewards of Exposed Concrete Floors

Stained or sealed concrete flooring can be a contractor’s worst nightmare. Why? Because the perfect, consistent, un-cracked concrete floor is nearly impossible to achieve, the very nature of concrete means that predicting the look of the final product is difficult. Here’s an honest look at the risks and rewards of choosing a concrete [...]

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Do You Really Trust Your General Contractor?

Trust is important in any relationship, but especially when it is a relationship between you and the people responsible for completing a multi-million dollar project. That is essentially the relationship you have with a general contractor (GC), and the best way to build trust in that relationship is to involve your GC [...]

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The Top 2 Ways To Manage Brand Standards in Hospitality Projects

A good general contractor approaches all hospitality projects as partnerships. One of the more challenging responsibilities when working on hotel projects is managing brand standards. This involves honoring the brand, building the brand, and understanding the importance of the brand through all stages of building – from preconstruction to turning over [...]

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Time Is Money: How Your Construction Project Will Stay On Track And On Time

Timing is a critical factor in every construction project. Ensuring that deadlines, or project milestones, are met during the construction process is one of the most critical and challenging tasks for general contractors. What Can Delay a Construction Project? Timing challenges come in many forms, some of which can be predicted [...]

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